Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Why do I love you so much ?

Meeting you was not a co-incidence , but pure destiny . 

It wasn't love at first sight,
But it was love at first talk , 
It was wrong , 
Yet it was right . We fit perfectly like a key and lock . We would talk for hours never wanting to disconnect the phone . One Day I made a Mistake and realized that you aren't mine , anymore .I would love to rewrite my life , but unfortunately I was writing in pen and cant erase my mistakes . It's hard to accept , but you can't change the past . You can't go back and correct the things to the way you wanted them to happen . But you can change the future . Some things are just meant to be . I still believe that we got a chance . I dont wanna miss You In this LifeWho Know in Next Life Where WE will be  . Have Faith in Love This Time Every Thing Gonna Work .Where ever You Go , What Ever You Do What ever it Takes . How Many Time my Heart Breaks Still I will Be right here Waiting For You :')

P/s: Its never late until the last breath and i know u would be back by den. I Love You till the end